UK settlement visa for spouse and dependants

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When my British husband and I decided to move our family to his country from Mexico we never thought it would be such a confusing and lengthy process. It was very hard to get proper information from the official websites and we relied on other ‘s experiences. That’s how I decided to share our own and help people as well.


The first thing you need to do is to study thoroughly the official websites such as the UK Border Agency  and Worldbridge .  Remember there are different rules for each country so it might not be the same for a spouse from Mexico than for a spouse from India.

I will start with the main aspects you need to cover when applying for a Spouse visa (from a non-EU country, applying from outside the UK):

  • New English language requirement for partners.  This means you will need to take a test (unless you are exempt) from one of the approved test providers and reach certain level  or your visa will be refused . For more information about which providers are near your location, what level you need in order to pass or whether you do not need to take the test, please refer to this link: English test .      I decided to take the IELTS test with the British Council.

     You must show that:

  • you are legally married to each other or have registered a civil partnership.
  • the minimum age to apply for a spouse visa has been switched back to 18, very good news for young couples.
  • you are going to live together permanently as husband and wife, or as civil partners.
  • you have met each other.
  • you can support yourselves and any dependants without help from public funds.    Everyone wonders what is the approved income regarding the immigration rules, however, at the moment there is not really an established amount.  It’s said that you need to have £102 a week left over after having paid all your bills and taxes. If you have a children you need to have £56 left over per child.
  • you have adequate accommodation where you and your dependants can live exclusively and without help from public funds.   To check if you have the right accommodation you can check this table.

Important note:  It’s been said there will be a series of changes to the family migration rules. These are some of the proposals that have been made:                                          

    • introduce a minimum income threshold for those sponsoring family migrants to ensure they are supported at a level that helps integration;
    • extend the probationary period before spouses and partners can apply for settlement in the UK from 2 years to 5 years to test the genuineness of relationships and to encourage integration into British life before settlement is granted.

For more information click here. Always check the news and the UKBA website to keep updated.

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